Make your client a ‘hero’. #successtory

Client Centricity

We all are marketers of the new age.Come to think about it we are breathing , eating , sleeping social & digital media.

Market terms like #Mobility, #Mobile devices and enterprise mobility etc. are on the rise.We met Google team a few days back and according to their source- “While search queries on desktop & tablets has grown 1%, query volume growth on mobile has been 66%”.

Clients looking to adopt mobile apps & integrate technology would be searching on keywords such as “#Mobility” or “#Mobile solutions” will tend to serve the clients search goals better.

More so , it is assumed and given that any given point of time,our clients constantly looking for success stories from peers and Industry best practices that they can as references when they want to adopt a similar solution.

The point really for marketers is  –
1) How are we as marketers v2.1 , taking our client success stories to market and make them our hero?
2) How can we partner with our clients to increase the reach via an integrated communications strategy and not a siloe’d approach?

Sharing an example of how when an IBM client  launched a #Mobile app on #IBM #MobileFirst , that is aimed at enhancing customer engagement and extending the bank’s reach into untapped markets.
From a market segment manager perspective –Supriya Suriyanarayanan , Market Segment Manager,IBM Software group, #Mobility & #Business Agility in her own words , shares her personal views :
“We’d done case studies before, but as with many marketing activities, they were usually in isolation. We all know customer testimonials are extremely key to decision making – be it B2C or B2B, they like to know what our counterparts are doing and the learning we can gain from their experiences.

So, we decided to create an integrated campaign where the customer was truly the hero!The integrated communications campaign included –
(a) A traditional face to face model: An event keynote at Interconnect 2013, Singapore.
(b) A multi-media activity: Working with social, digital & references teams to translate the customer experience to an infographic, blog post and testimonial video.
(c) Leveraging external relations & communications team to amplify the message amongst Third Party media & Influencers.

What we learnt :

  • We derived far more visibility for the client & IBM.
  • Immense credibility and value from combining these components,than what we’d have derived from them individually.
  • Collectively, they partnered and helped us make this a bigger story.
  • It also will eventually  that Mobility is a key focus area for us.
  • This will be our approach for every customer story.”

So ..after all …What did this integrated approach look like?

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Conclusion :As a marketeer are you making your #client a #hero?  I would love to hear the innovative approaches you are taking within your organization.

Any queries or comments,feel free to comment here.

This blog contains our personal views and opinions and does not necessarily represent our company’s views.

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3 Analogies on Social Marketing for 2014

As we step into another exciting 2014 ,I am sure we will learn new things to believe in our own potential to explore and exploit digital ,Mobile & Social media effectively and collaboratively.

  • As marketers , we need to engage more than before.
  • We will need to let go of those old patterns & move on.
  • Continue to apply tried & tested best practices to continue & sustain momentum.
  • Be smarter by leveraging resources,tools & processes to drive digital eminence for your brand / company.
  • Evangelization within our own marketing communities & colleagues.

Here are 3 analogies I’d like to share around Digital marketing that I ‘ve learnt over social conversations:

Driving- Hold the steering wheel too tight and can’t turn .let go! Trust the engine!
Cycling – We don’t balance the bike. We balance ourselves .Get digital right & you will be riding off into the sunset!
Swimming –You have to get wet to learn -No one ever learnt swimming by staying dry!! Jump in!

Mack Collier has hit a home run with his book “Think Like A Rock Star* and I really want all of you to get his message.

Cheers! To a marketers journey! Have an exciting year & be a Digital Rockstar!

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