3 Analogies on Social Marketing for 2014

As we step into another exciting 2014 ,I am sure we will learn new things to believe in our own potential to explore and exploit digital ,Mobile & Social media effectively and collaboratively.

  • As marketers , we need to engage more than before.
  • We will need to let go of those old patterns & move on.
  • Continue to apply tried & tested best practices to continue & sustain momentum.
  • Be smarter by leveraging resources,tools & processes to drive digital eminence for your brand / company.
  • Evangelization within our own marketing communities & colleagues.

Here are 3 analogies I’d like to share around Digital marketing that I ‘ve learnt over social conversations:

Driving- Hold the steering wheel too tight and can’t turn .let go! Trust the engine!
Cycling – We don’t balance the bike. We balance ourselves .Get digital right & you will be riding off into the sunset!
Swimming –You have to get wet to learn -No one ever learnt swimming by staying dry!! Jump in!

Mack Collier has hit a home run with his book “Think Like A Rock Star* and I really want all of you to get his message.

Cheers! To a marketers journey! Have an exciting year & be a Digital Rockstar!

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