Customer Experience Management- it is!

I recently published my first post on Linkedin :
Here is the excerpt

Customer Experience is growing to be the most significant part of all businesses whether B2B or B2C. Marketing professionals, digital domain experts, online retailers, brick and mortar businesses and even the entire gamut of service providers across the world are all eager to know more and implement more concrete steps towards enhancing customer experience. Learning is truly endless and the advent of the internet has made real time learning completely possible. Here are the top sites that garnered my clicks and more when it comes to Customer Experience.

Forrester – The site is a treasure of links that reveal informative blogs by CEM professionals, ratings and reports that give you the demographics about CX practices and what not. Industry trends in CEM are most often captured in Forrester blogs as key decision makers and CXOs share their CEM strategies and success stories. I have found their articles very vital to my CEM learning and that explains why the site features on first position on my list, way ahead of the rest.

CX Journey – This site by Annette Franz is a collection of some seriously informative and well -presented articles. She has riveting articles by guest bloggers too. Her report interpretations really score high on my must-read list. Annette Franz’s CX is a site to watch out for. You can even read testimonies of her CX information on comments by other readers. It is evident that this certified CX professional is making the most of her learning by sharing it with the rest of her likes. I will let the site to the talking.

Clear Action – This is a CX consultancy firm that seems to have an appreciable body of informative articles by CX professionals. I have read their blog pages that cater to separate CX categories like Voice of the Customer, Customer Value, Experience Innovation and the like. I will like to trail this site and its offerings.

Customer Experience Matters – This is the WordPress blog of the Temkin Group. I have found the site absolutely useful and helps keep track of current industry CX trends, reports and more. Temkin Group’s CX ratings of organizations also find their way to these blogs. I have, in fact, mentioned Bruce Temkins as one of the top influencers for CXM practices on my blog. Bruce Temkins is a key contributor to the Customer Experience Matters blog. Here’s a site a CXM professional will not like to miss reading.

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