How to view zipped demo narrative files specially made for iPad IOS V6.0 and later (transfer via drop box or iCloud)

Have a customer demo scheduled and have a demo narrative file to show them and do not know how to show these on iPad?

Here are the steps to follow :

Install & Pre Requisites:
Install the “Narratives” app on your iPad from the iTunes App store. Compatible with iPad and iPad Mini.
Requires iOS 6.0 or later
Narratives files in compressed file format

How to add content to the “Narratives” app?

1. Download the desired Narratives file
2. Email the zip file to yourself and open on your iPad or access via drop box or any other cloud solution, I used DropBox for file transfer.

3. Tap the attachment to download the file.

4. Tap the attachment again when it has downloaded.

5. Select “Open in Narratives” from the pop-up. “Narratives” will launch and then silently install.

6. Use the “Menu” button in the “Narratives” app to select the file,Deliver the Narrative
7. Add the “Navigation Instructions” file to “Narratives” app to learn how to use

I downloaded the zip files onto the iPad Mini using Drop Box App .

Steps I followed to transfer the files from Drop Box to Narrative

a) Uploaded zip files to drop box using web browser version

5-10-2014 10-48-43 AM5-10-2014 10-48-52 AM
(Select file from desktop and upload folders into Drop box ) using Upload button option in Drop Box.

b) Download Drop box from iPad app store on iPad

c) Open drop box in iPad

d) Select file and then tap on Airdrop options , “ ” – Open in (3 circles icon)


(drop box extract screenshot )
e) It will automatically show you options in iPad including Narratives app

f) Select Narratives and let the file automatically unzip into a structured folder into Narratives app
e) Viewed the demo on iPad


I hope this helped ! Happy Demo’ing !


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