5 things to watch out at Indian Petrol Bunks and avoid being fooled!

This happened to us at Mysore- Bangalore NH highway Indian Oil petrol pump
this incident took place (behind Kamat restaurant ) during the day around 2.30 pm enroute to Bangalore.When you are filling petrol this guy was prompting and distracting Naveen ,my spouse , to take a card very aggressively and while the other guy was happily not resetting the meter.I had watched Kiruba Shankar video on Bharat petrol pump incident and warned Naveen to keep a watch on the same and completely ignored that guy.We quickly moved our attention back to the counter and asked to reset to zero.

Here are s5 things that you should be doing :

  1. Switch off any devices like Mobile Phone,Loud Music , FM or DVD Movie player.
  2. Stop checking any emails on laptop or iPad or Phone .
  3. Be aware of who is around you .Focus on the guy  who is filling the tank .
  4. Check the start meter and value in INR and end meter and value .For eg If your budget is 2000 INR then check the start point to 00.00 lires and 0 Rupees.
  5. Do not I repeat do not turn away your focus away from the petrol meter and the guy .Ignore any one who is trying to sell you an addon debit card or trying to wash the wiper screens of your car.Ask them to patiently hold on till your finished checking the full value and complete the transaction.

Issued in public interest

Lesson for the day – Be aware and don’t get fooled . Don’t get distracted by anyone.Be vigilant and alert always at a petrol bunk.


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