90 days plan of getting started with Social Media and staying there-Part 1

Often, we digital strategist & marketers learn from blogs or tweets from  digitrati’s often , who are already popular in the digital realm  … and this can get kind of intriguing to a new comer , to keep a track of all those tweets and posts coming and digesting all of the content..

Also,we’re all writing and reading about almost the same stuff, so it becomes this ‘socio-meme’ of similar content that hits us hard and its quite difficult to sift through to find things you didn’t already know. It’s hard to stay inspired, too!


Do you agree?

(Image source : http://blogs.webtrends.com)

So to help a new comer in the Social media world,and to break out of the typical content mold and learn something new to make you better at your job. I’ve compiled some questions & self assessment & action plan on how to get started with social media and how to progress in 90 days.

Lets get started – I hope you enjoy using them too!

Step 1 – Questions to ask yourself- Why? are you here? I’m assuming you have one or more of these 5 compelling reasons :

  • Reason #1 Your company or your boss told you to do so.
  • Reason #2 Hmmm..Your friends are catching up and they are all dug into their smartphones and you feeling left out?
  • Reason #3 You want to establish your own social identity and have your own voice?
  • Reason #4 You are starting up an online or offline small business or a lean start up ?
  • Reason #5 Maybe , you want to undertake a change in your career professional line ?

Step 2 Once you have figured out “the Why” , now the question is ‘What’ do you plan to do?

  • Plan #1 Offline discussions , announcements , certified courses , asking a lot of experts .
  • Plan #2 Hop into the world start connecting and start learning !
  • Plan #3 Just observing your friends , colleagues , peers and continue doing that …
  • Plan #4 Open a Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest /  Youtube / Flickr / account ..do nothing about it…and they will keep coming! (N0000o , they wont!)
  • Plan #5 Be scared and outsource your social media tasks to another start-up agency! (*pun intended)

YES ! But It still doesnt answer ‘What’ will you talk about?

Before you do any of the above , Take a piece of paper and start listing down your interest areas in the 6 areas of life –

Personal / Health  / Professional / Career  / Society/ Value & Beliefs / Financial .

Or If this is for your business , then i would suggest that you list  down your company’s services and which persona’s would be looking for these services or offerings that you will be offering & what is your Unique value proposition to them ?

Step 3 – Once you have listed down these and are clear about the interest areas or special talent or abilities , now jot down the Top 3 Goals in each area and Key actions required to meet that goal.

For eg :A Personal Goal for an indvidual could be

1) Join at least 1 Trekking trip/adventure at Nepal by _________ (Target date) and share that experience on my first blog.

Breaking it into smaller actions could look like this :

a) Search for Blogs on “Trekking” on Google

b) Find out closed groups on Facebook who like Trekking  / Adventure – Sports

c) Find out trainers who specialised in training / coach for first timers

d) etc etc.

Step 4 –  According to the actions , you will start finding relevant people and you can then start building connections -before sending any one invites – Follow Step 5

Step 5 – Now keep a tab of what discussions you can observe , relate to and comment .

Step 6 – Its just like joining a new friends group .You dont invite them for lunch or dinner unless you get to know them better.

Step 7 – Once you get familiar with the conversations , you are now ready to be a part of the Social media gang ! They will send invites to you or you can send them ..No offence.

Likewise , I’d like you to make your own judgement on this medium . You can start aligning you other areas of interest and start mapping the audience or contacts  and build a personal plan .

I will cover the 90 days plan template in my next blog….

I hope thi helped you take your first step !

Socialmediatoday.com Member


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