How happy are you at Work?

Ideas are plenty.But putting those ideas to work and making it a part of a culture is even more challenging but exciting.
#Awesomeness stands out when companies execute such great ideas and flawlessly and make it look very very enticing and makes a shift in HR mindset and empowering .
Leaders say they need to empower their workforce -so that they are able to work #Smarter  #More Productive in quality output which means they need their workforce to be more #happier?Lets look at #Awesome examples of spreading love amongst employees and turning workplace into a an employee bonding & friendly environment & induces #happiness.

“Giving out love is free.-Vishen Lakhiani”

I personally love Mindvalley’s culture & approach.Firstly, kuddos to Vishen Lakhiani ,the Founder & CEO Mindvalley , for recruiting people from diverse cultures and geographies and making them feel special and making their lives more meaningful.

Secondly I love the way they show the world how they truely pushing humanity forward -Be it it contributing to the community or planet,or be it to their customers or employees.While Mindvalley is in the digital content publishing space ,I thing they have pretty much nailed it in terms of how creating niche,compelling & engaging content can really make a difference to a persons lifestyle towards well being & happiness.

I am personally a client of Mindvalley I have purchased two products digitally and believe me it is mind blowing!
Ok ,enuf said, let me now stress upon their focus on employee happiness.

Here’s what happened when one company tried an experiment & made “Love” part of everyone’s job description for 5 days

When one company implemented #loveweek on Valentines Day, four years ago, turned into a global movement. Its about Getting your company or business to join the #loveweek. 

Watch how this might change your company culture in remarkable ways 😉 – See more at 

Conclusion : 
Trying something new for your workplace?
Already tried something like this at your company  – share it here!

Why Happiness is the New Productivity (The Story of Mindvalley) by mindvalley


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