Poem on the Sea

Me,Loneliness and the sea
Me,Loneliness and the sea

While I was sitting by the sea shore

I was woken by a tender touch

A voice unheard but sounded familiar

The gentle blow of the wind under my ears

Really shook me , as if was terrified!


This one was very close

Tickling beneath my feet

Brought in a feeling of love and happiness complete

Travelling up my spine

I left a sigh of relief

When it got off my neck .


Tender touches here and there,

The smooth wave of the trees,

The cunning coolness of the atmosphere,

The light shades of the moon,

And then I felt a slight fear,

of being alone, left behind ,

left half hearted , left aloof,

The touch was by none other

Than the hard cold blooded sea.

 I got up and went back

Back to the roads that led me home

But I carried with me the thoughts of the sea

That brought for a few moments

That loveliness in me.

Written for Write Tribe


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