#Sprained ankle during exercise regime : #Workout #Injuries

Last week , we had a workout regime that involved running around the room, and then jumping over mats as hurdles .

It was so much fun to do a workout regime after such a long time & highly encouraging because it keeps your brains alert , your body alert and your muscles.

Unfortunately , while rigorous jumping around I sprained my ankle foot and due to which I was advised rest and to keep the legs on a higher ground.That meant I would miss my Pinkathon run which i was looking much forward to in my life.This would indeed have been my first 3 kms run but all for good maybe.

I was preparing for the run by running around 3 kms alternate day and walking .

So coming back to my sprained ankle here is what I did to reduce my ankle pain & hopefully you can do that too.

What I purchased was

1) Cotton Crepe Bandage

Cotton Crape bandage for injury
for Sprained Ankles
compression band for injury
Compression band for sprained ankle








2) Presens Hot/Cold Soft pack product (Microwave reusable)

Presens Hot/Cold pack
Presens Hot/Cold pack








3) A tablet – Combiflam

4) A book to read (bad joke)

I am still recovering from this sprain but hopefully i will get better soon and start preparing for my next run

The advise was according to my fitness trainer and my physician.

Please do not take the risk of doing anything on your own if any doubts please consult an expert , your physician or family doctor.

Stay healthy & fit


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