Creating your own Video Interview or a client testimonial video recording for the first time? Time saving tips for first timers.

Recording your video or a technology video at a studio for senior management or a clients testimonial for the time ? Don’t sweat!

As a digital marketer,I am required to coordinate and lead a lot of video testimonials for clients & senior professionals,as a first timer I had my own learnings/tips to share!

I cannot emphasize how to important it is to prepare them on whats coming their way ! You do not want them to be nervous and sweat on the easy stuff ,however, it is an equally important job for you as much as it is for them to coach & hand hold a newbie talk on video.

In this blog , I’ll share some tips and Do’s and Dont’s on what one should keep in mind when a TV Camera or Camcord is focused on you or them!


  1. Gestures should be smaller.
  2. Make sure clothing is “broken in” and comfortable when you are sitting and standing.
  3. Prior to your performance, have instant photos or video taken of you while sitting and standing.
  4. Make sure your clothes look good in both positions.
  5. Wear your eyeglasses if you want, but avoid shiny frames.
  6. Tip the bows of your eyeglasses up slightly off your ears. This angles the lenses down to reduce glare from lights.
  7. Wear makeup. It has the practical purpose of reducing the glare of TV lights.
  8. Apply it to all exposed body parts, like backs of hands, arms, neck, etc.
  9. Apply cover-up below eyes to mask bags and/or wrinkles.
  10. Studio lights can make you feel hot.Dress for the heat!
  11. Bring a handkerchief or tissues to dab perspiration during breaks.
  12. Don’t second guess the camera. Act as if you are always on screen.

I am planning to share in the next blog some additional makeup tips for men and women professionals.Stay Tuned!

Courtesy : IBM colleagues & clients & agency video marketing support team for this learning & experience !

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