#Successful habits from successful entrepreneurs and building a success ‘mindset ‘ #Lifehacks #entrepreneurship #startups #leadership


Recently, I attended a town hall meeting conducted by a group.Every week they invite speakers who have successfully built their businesses and have earned trust , relationships besides revenue , significantly from their efforts.

In this blog , I have attempted to capture the salient points or leadership traits,if you will,from the speaker around the mindset required to be successful in your start up or to scale up your organisation.

  • Build the pipeline.
  • Build relationships.
  • Every day is a new avatar aka persona.
  • Learn and self-building perspective-personal grooming is in-evident.
  • Show the path , follow the right guide , be fit -mentally & physically.
  • Live like this is ‘the only’ rock to climb !
  • Consistency , step by step , walk the talk!
  • Emulate that consistency in everything you do!
  • Relationships need investment.
  • Always emulate Positive energy and be genuine.
  • Practice the ‘sphere of silence’ to handle the EGO.

I hope these tips were useful.As we get closer to year end and welcome 2014 , may these success habits be a part of you.

May success be yours !

Image source : 2ndskiesforex.com


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