Have you got the right shoes for Zumba ? #fitnesshacks #life hacks #

Further to my post on Do’s and Dont’s for #Zumba fitness , as promised here is some information about #Zumba shoes:

Wear comfortable low tread and non marking shoes for #Zumba fitness.Some brands are listed below :

#Nike Musique iV shoes ( I personally have bought these for Zumba shoes)

#Ryka Studio fitness /  Studio flex

Note the soles of the shoes made for Zumba ..

#Bloch dance sneakers 

Note : Bloch shoes are very colorful.

#Capezio dance sneakers

In india, you can find dance sneakers at http://danceessentials.in http://www.fitnessandfairies.com/

You can also find shoes online from Dance Mania UK and delivered in a couple of weeks

My personal experience: After doing a lot of research on these shoes,I had to zero in on Nike Musique IV shoes ,but mind you these shoes are good for flat feet.If you need mid arch support then I’d suggest one should go for Bloch dance sneakers or http://www.Dancemania.biz

Hope this post was useful .Leave your comments , experiences !

Courtesy : Jyothika Dwarakanath , Zumba, Bokwa Fitness Certified Instructor .


2 thoughts on “Have you got the right shoes for Zumba ? #fitnesshacks #life hacks #

  1. Hey Friends,
    If you are living in Bangalore you can find good zumba fitness shoes at Fitness and fairies located on Wood street. Browse them on http://www.fitnessandfairies.com
    They currently carry Sansha brand (French) and will be getting Bloch and Capezio dansneakers in January or February. I have started using the Sansha Zoom sneakers and they are awesome. They have very good support and enables me to jump and land safely apart from letting me move and pivot comfortably.
    Do give them a try.
    Keep fit and Keep smiling.

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