Fans & eCommerce take to the #Social Pulpit on Sachin’s retirement #ThankYouSachin

….And so do eCommerce companies to increase their online sales!

Well, this morning, I was browsing through my twitter timeline and found a very interesting article that caught my attention – “Hashtags Breathe Life Back Into Social  Commerce” -Already Showing Promise as the Actual Mechanism of Payment. Interesting read and I had saved the read for a weekend.

Nov 15 ,2013 will definitely be ear marked as the most memorable day for #cricket fans. while there were hilarious posts on Facebook on kind of leave letters employees have been writing to their employers to watch Sachin’s 200th test match that will make history ,Twitter was out pouring with love and gratitude for the Ultimate God of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement on his 200th test match . #SRT200 #ThankyouSachin from fans across the globe !

Sachins fans -Netizens took to Social Media via hashtag #ThankYouSachin and we were  witnessing #twitter posts every millisec , every second – varied with comments of praise, excitement , gratitude,joy, happiness,disappointment, …right from @bhogleharsha to fake twitter accounts of Sachin ,  Sr Bachan  were pouring in ..but you must be wondering what’s their co-relation to #e-commerce ?

Social marketers do know that #Hashtags are popularly used on twitter & Instagram , now on Facebook and slowly taking onto Google+ and Tumblr too . The purpose of a hashtag is to categorise content & make it easily searchable on the social channels .

Now connecting the two – how e-commerce & Hashtags can benefit eCommerce sales??

Example 1 : Indian eCommerce stores like @SheepStop ‏were making the most of the trended #Thankyousachin hashtags as a bait to reach out to their prospects via twitter!

 SheepStop ‏@SheepStop @raoranji@bhogleharsha Have you seen our tee? It’s got all Sachin’s records! Get it here …

how ecommerce companies were leveraging  #hashtags

Note : If not online sales,they would have definitely increased traffic to their online store , build brand awareness & traction just because of a #Hashtag!! 

Example 2  I received this SMS from : Myntra celebrates #ThankyouSachin only today.Use coupon Thankyou31 for additional 31% discount on orders above 1199 !


Conclusion:”The connection of the hashtag to social commerce is still in its infancy. We’ll see that connection grow stronger as brands use the symbol more effectively, and in more innovative ways. The thing we don’t know is where the symbol ultimately will take us.”  , Addage Author

Any comments ?

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