10 powerful videos that will change your Life .60 mins of ‘pure magic’.#lifehacks


Q1) What sort of a life do I really desire to live?

Video#1:   What if money didn’t matter? by Alan Watts (Duration 3:09)
What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life? Wouldn’t you live your passion each day and every day.  Wouldn’t you do things that want to do, rather than do things you have to do!

Q2) Do I have a DREAM! 

Video#2:   Susan Boyle-Britain Got Talent ?  (Duration 5:50)

Do you have a dream that is compelling enough! Do you have a dream that you see when you are awake! Do you have a dream that you are willing to achieve no matter what!
Q3) What is my reality today!

Video#3: Official Atyachaar  (Duration 2:59)

Do you really have the control of your life today! Why would you not want to get back the control of your life. 
What would you rather do -build the dreams of others or build your own dreams?
Q4) Do I really have a Plan B in my life?

Video#4:   Worldwide Recession: What is Your PLAN B?  (Duration 9:12)

Are you really prepared financially and otherwise to manage the uncertainties in the world around us.
Do you really have a PLAN B for you and your loved ones!
Q5) What do I need to do to create that sort of a life?
Video#5: Parable of the Pipeline by Burke Hedges  (Duration 10:16)
Wouldn’t  you like it, if instead of “you working hard for money”, “you make money work hard for you”.  Wouldn’t you like to create a large source of passive income so that, you can get the freedom of time that you really need to live a life of your dreams.
Q6) Do I have the courage and belief in myself to never quit on my dreams?
Video#6:  Powerful Inspirational True Story…..Don’t give up ever!!!!!  (Duration 3:15)
A champion is someone who stands up even when he cannot stand up! He keeps falling, but he gets up just one
more time! When you don’t give up, you can never FAIL!
Q7) Am I prepared to go through the change to live a life of my dreams!
Video#7:  Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson (Duration 12:52)

Are you prepared to change! You know it is very powerful. When you change from within, the world around you starts 

to change.

Q8) A life of significance or a life of mediocrity! What’s your real choice!

Video#8: Impossible is nothing-Jesse Owen (Duration 3:58)


Do you believe that you have in YOU, the stuff to achieve greatness and live a life that can be an inspiration for others! 

Q9) Am I ready for the climb?

Video#9: “The climb” by Miley Cyrus (Duration 3:49)
Your Dreams-You can almost see it, but are you ready for the climb, to make it happen! 
Q10) Do I really really want to live an Amazing life-a life of magic, abundance and infinite joy. Do I believe in the power of DREAMS! Do I believe in MAGIC?

Video#10: My Amazing Life, a creative visualization (mind movie) for wealth, health and prosperity (Duration 4:31)

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