10 powerful lessons from River rafting experience at Telaga Waja River,Bali,Indonesia.

On Day  3 of our Bali trip , adventure was awaiting us.

We had outlined the plans for the day :

White water river rafting

Lunch at rice paddy fields

Ocean site seeing

Spending the evening with a rejuvenating spa treatment & a quiet dinner.

Probably God was on my side when we got ready for our days trip
I was tensed with the thought of river rafting – and guess what it was raining , the drive to the river was beautiful with high mountain range and dash of rain ! (Reminded me of matheran or lonavala drive ,Maharashtra)

Telaga waja river rafting experience :

So here we are – the Alam adventure staff traditional welcome gong and greetings!
(Pre river rafting fear )
My feelings before I hit the boat was similar to giving birth to fear of the unknown .Tried to gather from clues hints thrown by the guides what am I in store for !!
I had butterflies in my stomach and any sentence the guides would lead to several doubts!!
-Don’t wear your specs it may fall
-Change your slippers not good for rocks
-Remove your rings and bracelet may fall into the water !
As we were preparing to wear the helmet and safety jacket we also had a bag of few fishes to leave  them back to their natural habitat
Grateful for the weather today was god sent with a pleasant touch of cool air and no rains with rays of sunshine here and there making the water surface  surface .
For our ride to be balanced , four of us were paired with a guide who was peddling the water boat from
the back.We were given safety instructions and code of conduct and also told “there will be a 7 m fall which we can avoid .We could  use the steps to continue with our ride but at the dam we will be allowed a free fall in the boat and keep a smiling face always coz you never know our camera man will be taking your pictures ! ”

Our guide name was Tiger true to his nature all the way  🙂

Here are some codes we learnt on river rafting rules :
Peddle forward – row forward
Peddle backward – row backward
Stop – just hold the ropes and peddle linear on the edge of boat and HOLD!
Boom boom -boat hitting  rocks stop rowing and start jumping
High side – move to the other side of the boat to avoid it from toppling
Duck- duck your head below to avoid hitting the low lying tree branches  or bridge
Lean backward – to lean back completely while going under a bridge or fallen branches. “

“Ok ready get set go. No more looking back I told my mind “.

There wear huge  rocks and the current was excellent I was noticing
I was a bit rigid stiff and scared in the beginning . For fun sake he would bump us into rocks or side of the mountains or get us opp the flow of the currents made us scream and shout .Our guide  would sprinkle water on us to alert us and also say sorry 🙂 we enjoyed
We became a team and followed instructions and became friends with the UK girl mates .
After an hour ride we reached a water fall which was also an Intentional break to unwind take pics and for smokers and water lovers ,
a paradise !
We took pics and started our journey again ..
By this time I was ready to face any roadblocks and rocks and started knowing and understanding the flow and adapted to the currents  .

Ok now that I have done it I can proudly state my life’s biggest adventure so far was the White  Water River Rafting for 16 kms in 2.5 hours at Telaga waja , Bali , Indonesia.

I am open to newer challenges and courageous steps in my life !
After a joyful and flowing the water current we arrived at the river banks
I was so sad to leave the river I had extended a friendly handshake with the waters and started to go with the “flow”!

10 Powerful lessons :

  1. Never be fearful of the unknown.
  2. Hold on to life don’t give up.
  3. Trust your team.
  4. However strong the obstacles are on the way to our goal – stay motivated and overcome the hurdles.
  5. At every stage in life or work , there will be a guide or Samaritan telling  you to stop , move forward backward or boom! Listen to the inner voice – ego will not work here !
  6. Guide has experience and with experience comes confidence and skills to lead others .Learn from them.
  7. Finally don’t go against the current else you will be unable to move forward and get stuck
  8. Go with the flow and so be in Life too!
  9. Life is an adventure love it & live it.
  10. Learn from every stumbling block and obstacle and face it !

We had lunch amongst the lush green paddy fields of the river banks.

Ocean site seeing :
And we bid good bye to the place and left for the harbor where the staff was waiting for us to take around ocean site seeing and snorkeling .
The motor boat was at the banks 2 gentlemen (royal beach staff) led us to a nice neat boat and made us feel comfortable .
We were scared the waves were v strong and high tide in the afternoon and no life jacket also. That guy stopped the boat a few meters away from the island and asked us to prepare for snorkeling .my hubby slightly scared though gathered guts to step in with the guide all that was with him was a safety tube that he was supposed to hold and swim .

For 35 mins,I was having interesting conversations with the boat driver and my spouse had a good time too.
We returned to the harbor and again a lesson learnt was till we were against the waves the boat was getting hit by them and the ride was bumpy the moment he turned towards the shore which meant flowing with the current the boat ride went about smoothly . So is life and situations .
The hotel car and chauffeur was waiting for us and drove us to the hotel in time for our much awaited spa treatment .

A truly “WOW” experience !


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