#Lifehacking :Seven Lessons learnt from Nanhe Jaisalmer.Imagination is a power you cannot imagine.The power within you!

This evening I was watching a movie after a long time Nanhe Jaisalmer -and I was urged to pen down this post.

A great example of how dreams come true and faith in self and perseverance pays .


This story is about Nanhe ,a 10 year old ,innocent chirpy tourist guide in Jaisalmer with his camel Raja and is a fan of bollywood actor & filmstar -Bobby deol .After a childhood encounter ,he is so obssessed about his movies ,his style and personality that he keeps talking to him in his own imagination .

Six years later he is now a tourist guide, able to converse in Italian, German, French, and English, even though he neglected to attend school, instead spent all his spare time watching Bobby’s movies, and became the main bread-earner for his family.

He narrates his experiences or his feelings and requests his sister who is educated to write letters on his behalf.He keeps a count on the number of letters he writes to Bobby Deol !

One fine morning,he gets to hear from a shopkeeper who reads filmy news for him,that Bobby’s new movie “Yaar” is scheduled for a film shoot in Jaisalmer & Barmer for 30 days . He is so thrilled and excited.One day while travelling on his camel,there is a Mercedes Benz that gets stuck in sand dunes and couple of people ask him a helping hand – and when his camel assists those men he mentions his name is “Nanhe” , he rescues none other than Bobby Deol who emerges from the Merc!

In the joy of meeting Bobby Doel and he recognizing him,he starts meeting & communicates with him.It all seems very realistic uptil a point that he eats with him , shares every moment with him ,spends time with him after evening school , in the process he starts giving up bad habits like eating “ghutka” etc. he starts insulting his villager friends to be tip top and dress up well for introducing his plush bollywood actor & friend .

The flipside of this story however is that he does not like to study and he feels its like a difficult task & burden to attend evening school.There is a very rich landlady in the town who is propogating basic education for the villagers and encourages them to undertake studying to pursue their incomplete education and achieve their goals and dreams in life.

His illiteracy is taken advantage by tourist children who insult him and his camel by writing “donkey’ on the body of the camel and on Nanhe’s hand.
Then he realises the importance of education and gets encouragement from Bobby Deol.

He takes it as a challenge and starts attending school and sincerely gives it a shot .
He writes his first line on the invitation card for his sisters wedding for Bobby Deol.

He gives full credit to him for his progress.

Bobby never attends his sisters wedding and there by Nanhe realises this was all his imagination and hallucination !! But by then he was completely transformed !

The movie is beautifully directed ..Anyway, with the imaginary encounters, Bobby had changed Nanhe’s life. He grows up to become a well-read author.

So what are my personal hacks learnt from this movie :

  1. To earn something you need to focus on something.
  2. The biggest strength lies in our mind.
  3. If we channelize our mind’s energy on what we want ,then anything is possible.
  4. Life gives us a chance to rectify our mistakes.
  5. Relationships are meant to be,however friendship is very easy to make but very difficult to maintain.
  6. Faith is the pillar to achieving all your dreams.
  7. Follow your Inner voice -it never fails you.


Note : thank you Samir Karnik for a nice entertainment and reviving the child-like nature within us 🙂

Image Source : http://bit.ly/16UvPOQ


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