#LifeHacking: How to make everyday the best first day -(reference to Dave Kerpen’s post)

I referred to Dave Kerpen’s post on Linkedin today ,and that triggered my memories on what was my first ‘best’ day .

There are best first days for celebrating every new happening in life …but If i had to recollect one of my best first day was when I joined & relocated to Bangalore to join IBM India.I loved the feeling of and very essence of newness in everything I saw around me,felt & anyone I interacted with.

Ten lessons I learnt on how to feel or relive that first day as everyday in your career or be it your personal life !

1) Smile on face!

2) Relocation to a New city – Bangalore…a cool weather contrast to Mumbai.
3) Building new relationships with peers and colleagues .
4) Renewed energy and passion to learn something new and unlearn some
5) Excitement in life due to open work culture.
6) I was missing my family back in Mumbai & so I learnt to appreciate & love them again !
7) Looking forward to new journey in IBM.
8) A new wardrobe
9) Content and satisfied.

10)Happiness was within ….

According to me ,my best first day always begins beautifully and joyfully,

The energy that is supplied through a smile before waking.

Sending good morning wishes to dear friends.

Gratitude offered to god and loved ones at home for being so wonderful and always learning something new and applying it in daily life.
Being involved with the ‘heart’ in whatever I do.

Giving some things away to feel lighter.

Patting myself  for doing something I truly love.
When I see previous day social media posts -favourited , retweeted,mentions, facebook updates – likes and shares 🙂 it makes me smile with gratitude.
A New day to look forward to connect to new associates and make new friends.

Thank you Dave for picking such a wonderful topic ,you wont believe if I told you my What’s app message was ‘Today’s a new day, a new beginning in life”

I leave you with this wonderful song -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f06QZCVUHg


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