#iPhonehacks:How I fixed and restored Apple iPhone5 data backup from the disastrous Apple iOS 7.1 beta launch to iOS6.1.4 version

I wanted to document this miracle and scary experience and really wish my colleagues owning iPhone5  do not repeat this mistake.


This morning my colleague called me in excitement and told me “Ranjini- I have updated iOS7.1 software update successfully”.He was any day a die hard fan of Apple and just purchased iPhone5 and upon this was the most awaited launch of iOS 7 & iPhone 5C and 5S.I also saw his Facebook update and liked it.

I was eagerly waiting to see the awesome IOS7.1 updated version on his iPhone5 .

At about 10.55 am I luckily took my last backup (*automatically upon Syncing iTunes11 and iPhone)

Installation wizard : He got his USB key and installed the new version…Initially he logged off the iPhone5 from Wifi then he did some settings change and it started updating the iOS software …we waited patiently….It rebooted beautifully…prompted the new version and asked for  Language > Country > Wifi Settings > and then boom !

To my dismal : “Activation error – This device is not a part of the Developer Portal Program -Kindly register the same under iOS Developer Portal Program” Referred this website http://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-fix-iphone-activation-errors/

**Reference Image only ,Source : http://bit.ly/14FCmOO

We crossed our fingers ,hands ,everything we possibly could ..then we knew something was wrong 😦

Tried downloading the iOS restore SW firmware fix from this website : http://www.ipswdownloader.com/download-iphone-ipsw-files.php

The network was crawling and very slow and meanwhile “googled’ and searched  various support forums like : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130612225050AAoNJII

To the cut the story short my iPhone5 was not getting fixed from the ‘Activation error” despite all attempts to hold the ‘Home & Power button’ simultaneously , today I learnt a new word called  “DFU” mode also ! clever me 🙂

***Reference Image only

Finally after 3 hours upon reaching home  , tried the DFU method again & the iOS 6.1.4 was restored however it wasnt getting updated so I rebooted my iPhone several times before I could finally get it to re store ..

Now comes the tricky part ….after restoring steps I was in store for a surprise..A restore backup password !!  I had never set a restore back up password.so hows it asking for one??? I had really started praying coz me being a social freak searched on Twitter  with conversations  containing “iOS7 activation error” and guess what got so many records with same issue!!

9-11-2013 9-55-11 PM

My friend told me if i restore my OS i can restore my back up .and here I was again searching trying various combinations ..Until I stumbled upon an Apple forum on iPhone5 restore back up  password discussions

I then followed these simple steps

  1. Went to Apple iTunes store ID Information
  2. Went and checked the “manage devices” information.
  3. Found out the last update of the device ….28th Dec 2012
  4. Thankfully I hadnt updated any encrypted password
  5. Tried various combinations of my Apple Store id  , guessed a 2012 series of Windows password…
  6. Voila it worked!!
  7. Just leaving my gratitude and heartfelt thanks… I definitely know today my stars were with me 🙂

This post is dedicated to my friends Manish  & Supriya who were with me when I was clueless what to do and also to the Android fans in my team  (booo!!! )

I restored my iPhone successfully !!

Here are some #iPhone #hacks I learnt today :

  1. Never panic if something like this occurs to you.its not the end of the world.
  2. Nothing is under your control so stay there.
  3. Check if beta codes have been updated overnight with some restrictions.Apple had restricted the access of IOS7 to developers and thereby my friend had an advantage as an early mover!
  4. Refer as many forums , discussions ,reach out to experts on twitter / friends as developers in such situations .
  5. Use common sense at times , do not take any hasty steps or follow suggestions blindly on forums – If I had re started my iPhone as  a new phone I would have lost all my back up …which I could re store luckily
  6. Always have a data back up ….it helps & of course note down the passwords  !
  7. Check social media channels before you do anything in future , the world is out there to warn you in advance.Had i checked the tweets much before , i would have saved the whole day’s efforts .
  8. Lastly , keep the faith !!

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