What does it mean for businesses to be “Likeable” & succeed on Social Media?

I was privileged to virtually converse with CEO,Likeable Local & Likeable Dentists,       Chairman,Likeable Media ,also one of NY Best-Selling Author,Key Linkedin Influencer and your guess is right -it is Dave Kerpen !

Dave’s style of writing has always been an eye catcher for me ,personally.Be it about the ‘Leadership being Likeable’ or his blog posts around Social Media for businesses.

Dave Kerpen and his wife Carrie.

Dave has kindly taken invaluable time out to respond to my questions around #SocialBusiness, Best practices sharing for clients wanting to adopt social media and his thoughts on the future of #Social.

So…without wasting much time , here we go :

Q: Dave, would like to know your thoughts on what changes or trends are you witnessing in the past 2-3 years in Social Media?

Dave : Social has become increasingly more visual and more mobile. Look at the success of Instagram, Vine and Pinterest.As people become more familiar with video and images, brands need to learn to tell their stories with images more so than with words.

Q: In which markets do you see the growth for Likeable Media – with respect to market drivers and social practices driving value and innovation to clients

Dave: Likeable Media will continue to expand its service offerings and work with a wide variety of large brands around the world.

Q:What are the different stages or factors that a B2B organization need to go through- from a mere ‘social media adopter’ to full blown social enterprise business? And What are the top critical success factors that businesses must adopt for becoming a social business?

Dave: I’ve learned that the best B2B companies emulate the best B2C companies.The same way that B2C brands have to listen, engage, say thank you and I’m sorry, tell stories and be authentic with their consumers, B2B must do the same.

Answer to Part 2 -Reference link to Dave’s Linkedin article on “Why your company’s social media is failing?”

Q: How would you summarize the effects of social media and disruptive technology on business?

 Dave : Social media has forced businesses everywhere to be more transparent and engaged with their customers and employees.

Q: How are you helping some of your clients to develop new strategies for success?

Dave: New strategies often come from practicing our fundamental principle of listening.Just as we advise all to do on social media, we listen very closely to our clients and think carefully about how we can solve their problems. Understanding client dilemmas is key to building successful strategies for them.

Q: Can you share some of the best practices “Likeable Media” adopted to add value to a client’s business growth?

Dave :Listen, be authentic, create value, be passionate, be accountable.

Q: What’s the future of social media marketing in 2014, what would you be advising companies and marketers to be focusing on now?

Dave: Think about how to be useful, and then how to create useful content which can be re-purposed across various social channels and via different media (e-Books, Infographics, Videos, etc.)

It was indeed a pleasure interviewing you and I am highly grateful for this opportunity! Great sharing of insights and wishing you all the very best ! Thank you!

About Dave Kerpen : He is the CEO of Likeable Local, a social media software startup for small businesses, as well as the chairman and former CEO of Likeable Media, an award-winning social media and word-of-mouth marketing firm with triple digit revenue growth for 4 consecutive years.

Dave is also a Venture Partner at Gen Y Capital Partners an early-stage venture firm, which is leveraging Gen Y to support Gen Y. Dave’s 1st book was a NY Times bestseller – “Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook and other social networks.” His 2nd book, Likeable Business.

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Check out his best pieces on inspiration, marketing, and more here.

Check out his NY Times bestselling books here.

Check out his blog as a Linkedin influencer here.

Disclaimer: All views,thoughts and opinions are personal.

Image source : Likeable Builds a Full-Service Social Marketing Business on Facebook


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