Ship of Thesus (2013)- A perspective of two friends


This movie explores questions of identity, justice, beauty, meaning and death through an experimental photographer, an ailing monk and a young stockbroker.

So this is how we ended up watching the movie.A friend and I went to a shopping mall and decided to hit the theatre on a Saturday afternoon.We checked out the show was 12.20 noon and it was indeed the ‘Ship of Thesus’. I had watched the TV Ads -Quite interrupting and annoying though,but we somehow had a sense its going to be an art movie.Little did we know that the story line would be an exceptional one and would blow our minds with its unpredictable and paradoxical in nature!

Every story had its own learnings.I pick particularly from the first…Perfection is achieved from a state of imperfection.We enjoy the creation of whatever we are doing when our heart and soul is in it.I felt when the lady was blind she was able to click photos
however ,when she got her eyes back she was overwhelmed with the opportunities galore! She could see the beauty in nature rather than capturing it in her photography..

My friend,Rimi Das has her own reviews.You can read them here

All in all ..go for it.

I dedicate this blog to my friend,Rimi ,a movie buff also a reviewer :-)

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