Life hacks: Tips for using Twitter chat as a platform for B2B audience

This is a time when there are supposed to be more questions than answers. It gives us purpose. And if we do not strive to answer
them, someone else will set out to uncover the path forward.

Source :Changethis

Reasons for adopting Twitter chat as a platform for Thought leadership,awareness & engagement with your audience :

  •    An exciting new approach to display thought leadership and engagement with the audience via social media.
  •   An online event that will bring together experts.
  •   Improve Branding – Personal & Corporate.
  •   Discuss topics with like minded individuals.
  •   Trigger Questions via Moderator & Answers via Panelists.
  •   Engage in real-time conversation for real time discussions.
  •   Increase reach via influencers and followers of panelists & moderators
  •   Improve Branding – Personal & Corporate.

A few twitter chats that IBM Software group conducted were on #Mobility on 15th May 2013 & to keep the momentum going we quickly followed it with another one on #Security on 19th June 2013. The chat theme  was “Security in the New IT World”.

3 top highlights for Security Tweet Chat :
Partnered chat initiative between Software + Services
First ever partner chat with a Chief Technology Officer : Globus stores
Software Lab experts participated to ensure conversations covered QRadar & Intelligence etc.

My personal learnings :

Firstly -For tweet chat to be successful one should have two things: a hot trending topic for discussion and relevant target audience on twitter.Other than that, here are some to do’s :

  1. A primary hashtag needs to be finalized and used much before the event to ensure that the participants use to the right one.
  2. Tweetchat participation peaks 30 – 45 minutes into the chat. The ideal duration of the tweet chat is for 90 minutes.
  3. Tweetchat has proved that regular outreach programs on Twitter can keep the engagement levels high and consistent.
  4. Suggest 1 Tweetchat a month on various business or technology topics.
  5. The interaction inflow shows that Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to engage (host a tweetchat)
  6. A mixed profile on the panel is important to ensure a 360 degree perspective on the topic of discussion.

However, I leave you with a few useful links & tips around

Twitter Hashtag 101: Twitter Hashtag, Hash Brown Same Thing, Right?

 Social Media Buzz: The False Perception of Social Business Success


This blog is dedicated to my colleagues Supriya (@supriya_sv) & Kaustubh Patki (@patka06) for making it happen. Please feel free to comment , suggest ! 



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