Getting a pulse of emerging #Tech trends, #talkchat with Subhashish Ghosh,Aditi technologies

 In this era of constantly changing technologies and market dynamics, it’s beneficial to check the pulse of the market along with emerging trends, and what better way to do that than to interview a leading professional from an emerging IT firm? The following is an excerpt from an interview with Subhashish Ghosh, Strategic Marketing Manager, Aditi Technologies.

1.In today’s dynamic and challenging environment how do you keep yourself relevant and name a few resources as a give-away to others aspiring to be there?

I read a lot and download whitepapers/case studies.Also update myself with trainings and certifications. In this regard, my work experience helps. I have 16 certifications out of which 9 are on MS technologies.Add to that, meetings  conferences, workshops and networking helps me keep myself abreast with the dynamic and challenging environment.

2.What are some of the common challenges (from your experience) that digital/social media marketers in ITES / services industry are facing today?

With the ITES industry, engaging the masses to sell a service doesn’t work which would otherwise be effective in product,e-commerce companies. In B2B, what works best is the designing of specific digital campaigns , micro-sites and then figuring out specific geo-targets,influencers to engage/leverage in order to implementing the push strategy.

The most important challenge includes: Knowing exact digital channels that will work, KPIs to focus and analysis of results. Last but not the least – absence of a single composite platform where one could gather BI, design campaigns, define KPIs, and also analyze results and which also provides “concrete customized recommendations” for bettering campaigns.

The justification of ROI is not a very big challenge since campaigns generating number of leads could be tracked over time and levers tweaked to get better performance.

3.In your opinion how to solve those challenges to an extent using social media technologies? (With some examples if you wish)

For B2B marketing, the best way is to establish a brand as a thought-leader instead of pushing out the product/service blatantly. The optimal way to do this is through specific social-media channels. A tweet chat works best to engage CXO level executives for engagement on specific topics, webinars to engage mid-level managers, facebook for overall company branding and recruitment, Linkedin for company following or mass engagement, a WordPress blog for engaging developer/test communities etc and so on. Since these are free platforms, ample resources exist for knowing how to leverage these platforms effectively.

4.Why did you opt for cloud as specialization in Aditi technologies and what do you suggest to your peers on bringing immense value to your clients (can you give examples?)

Personally,I believe the era of selling products/services which are still hooked to desktops, PCs and stand-alone on-premises servers/tools/technologies is over. Present and future is fast changing based on 3 premises – “social big-data processing gathered from mobile which is on Cloud”. Companies need to move core infrastructures on Cloud (whatever platforms they choose) to engage masses on mobile platforms with BI drawn from social big data.

Aditi has been one of Microsoft’s best partners in the last 18 years; having won best partner of the year award every year since past 4 years, again having won ‘Partner of the Year award: West Coast’ 2013. Since we’re focused on cloud – devops and cloud managed services across Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, Salesforce, OpenStack, CloudFoundry and other platforms. Joining Aditi was a great experience personally. Cloud marketing specialists need to understand the different vendor platforms out there – what suits the best for specific needs – public vs. private vs. hybrid implementations… read a lot, attend training.

5.Would like to share on who do you look up to in this industry, why and how would you go about inspiring others if given a chance in life?

Steve Jobs has been and always remain as a big inspiration for my life, personally and professionally. Besides Steve, Marc Benioff (CEO, Larry Ellison (CEO & Dr. Werner Vogels (CTO, are my inspirations. The visionary word gets thrown around a lot, but personally, besides Steve Jobs, the ‘v’ word doesn’t apply to most executives (other than Walt Disney & Edison). Steve has been and always remains as the greatest CEO of all time; and a tech visionary. Same applies to Marc, Larry and Werner – all apt tech visionaries in their respective fields of expertise; however to a somewhat smaller degree. 

6.    If you had to hack your career all over again would you be doing and why?

I am pretty much happy the way my career thus far has panned out. My technical expertise, especially programming on Windows platforms and UNIX/Linux/BSD platforms in my formative years provided a lot of technical ‘under the hood’ understanding which has been beneficial to work on latest technologies especially understanding Go-To-Market cloud marketing requirements.

Disclaimer:These are his PERSONAL comments and does NOT reflect his community, country, current employer, past employer(s), clients or company, brand or any other individual’s point of view; whether named or otherwise. For any clarifications/questions, do send him an email at: sghosh.oxon @ .Find him on Linkedin.


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