Being “Original”


Be Yourself, Everyone else is taken

On a Sunday evening I was returning from class with a few thoughts cluttered in my mind.My intent was to get off that burden as soon as possible .I could not think about anyone else than Raji (name changed) .I called her and instantly said am on  my way lets meet at the apartment complex. She  agreed. I reached home and we met in our lovely garden .It was pitch dark and we found our way to a small bench next to a block and she asked “How are you?” Our conversations that day was very short but revealing in terms of my inherent character and core beliefs .

If I were the usual I would have started pouring my heart out BUT this time I listened & empathized with her story and several challenges she faced during the day. Practically she had needed someone too!

I dared not to prescribe anything but affirmed that she has to address her issues and priorities and may she find the courage to do so. What happened?

I was Listening ! I was not talking. An unusual ,me,that day.

Raji – You tell me whats up with you?

Me- ok.Personal life seems to be good so far, spouse on fast track to identifying his priorities in 2013,I am undertaking advanced Reiki course .

(NOW ,I mentioned about my bitter experience about a friend was literally rude to me and dominating.)

Raji – You have a character that you will not deviate from .You are solid in your values in life and do mask them likes others.So you should be happy that God showed you the way and saved you from a long term commitment .

My god! I should’ve realized, isn’t it? I needed someone to nudge me and remind me that I have been taking for granted.

Me – I guess that falls on my gratitude list for today .I should be glad that I have someone like you to keep me going.”

We chatted for a while and then slowly walked back home. So what were my take aways?

  • Listen then seek to be understood (7 Habits of Highly effective people -Stephen R Covey)
  • Never underestimate yourself in comparison to others.
  • Do not Change for the world.
  • Feel confident, think High of Yourself -ALWAYS!
  • Thank yourself for having attracted genuine friends who can be there for you to give you feedback –good or bad.
  • Just be GRATEFUL and sleep well with POSTIVE  thoughts .After all, its Your life !

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