Life Hacking – Tips on Habits towards Health & fitness goals

I realized that being aware that habit formation is a result of subconscious mind patterns ..We can change the programming provided we are ready to do so.

Allowing oneself or giving oneself permission to form a habit is so crucial towards achieving success in any area -be it life , career or for that matter your habits around health & fitness.In this blog, I would like to share some of the life hacking tips that help in habit formation for health & fitness and measuring your progress effectively.

1) Keeping an eye – On your overall spheres of nutrition, health, and fitness .No doubt , there are so many mobile apps , books, articles and tools available now a days that offer capabilities to help you keep up with your life style.

Free Nutrition tips: I follow famous chefs like Tarla dalal & have subscribed for her low fat recipes.Great way to make homely food and satisfying your taste buds.Also I keep checking with my colleagues on nutritional tips they follow , Facebook pages on health tips are another great way of free nutritional tips.

Health & Lifestyle – Your overall well-being is so important. Keep a check on your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels , urine tests , take regular blood tests , urine tests , dental check ups , I know my sister in law who is a doctor herself to have subscribed to preventive healthcare program that allow herself and family to proactively address overall well being healthy.

Fitness : I follow many fitness apps and fitness gurus.To name a few international celebs and fitness personalities – Cathe Friedrich, Cindy Crawford videos, Matt Roberts.

2) Track you goals online : Some of the very popular fitness planners are on WebMD to stay on track with your food and fitness goals.If you have an iPhone then Nike training has a wonderful app to train like a Pro.

3) Be disciplined and track your progress daily : I have found that entering your food habits in a tracker daily (almost 26 weeks now ) in a spreadsheet helps raise your awareness on why you are not losing weight or why you are binging.

Besides ,there are a variety of books written by well-known gurus in fitness,nutrition – Rujuta Diwekar , health-Deepak Chopra, and wellness -Louise Hay, . Their intensive coaching and interesting experiences in each book serve as stepping stones that will help you reach your weight management goals.

Empower yourself towards a healthier, happier you today!

And yes..i found a great video that talks about ‘Why we Procrastinate’ that will help in overcoming the side effects of this disorder.


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