Life Hacking- Great Work Hack Series#6

Folks in continuation from the previous blog on -Goal Setting

I somehow wanted to bridge a gap between how great work is achieved or accomplished and co-related it to a Digital / Social Media marketeer’s life.

Here are some of the tips :

Whether it is personal or professional have a ‘Goal’ and achieve it .No excuses. It needs to be a discipline .Period.

From a small Thought -forms a desire , a Desire shapes – a strong will , a Strong will power – realizes into an action , An action when done regularly forms a Habit – Habits form your personality , your personality shapes your character.

Here are a few crucial steps involved in Goal setting – if you imagine what steps go into a set up of a successful digital campaign.

Visualize the goal (Example : by 2nd Half 2013 we will drive USD 9999 mn incremental business via digital from xyz markets from # locations, focusing on Solutions via leveraging social media & Organic channels )

Test the waters – This medium works !! Really ??

Share your vision -eg. with stakeholders , with relevant agency,peers, colleagues

Focus on one area at a time – prioritizing approach 1) Organic Search 2) Linkedin mapping 3) Paid Search )

Keep long term or end objective in the mind ( eg :Is this campaign going to add ‘real value to Business , are we setting the wrong targets/parameters , Is this repeatable ,scalable, applicable to other Geos or industry.

Use reminders – Use Smart Phone or Notes Calendar ,Involve peers in this process ,Post -its pinned on the soft board are great tools.

To Do lists everyday without fail till the task is accomplished!!

Acknowledge your success and failure – Ok – this doesn’t work or that’s picking up really well..Encourage yourself and team to feel good.

Appreciate & Recognize teamwork – Teams working with you on the campaign would like to know the direction your heading keep appreciating and recognize them by a simple
congratulatory email or buy them a coffee or luncheon etc.

Stay Flexible – Maybe the focus was too much on a particular channel – change gears and flex …be adaptable and agile. .

Assess & re assess goals– OOps ! maybe 35% was a bad choice , maybe 3 cities would have worked better

Aim High – Self-explainatory !

Persistently positive and active state of mind – Never , Never,Never ,Never , Never – Ever

Reward Yourself – Upon successful accomplishment of your campaign goals – party hard !

Then Follow all the steps all over again ….!

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Disclaimer: Thoughts , views & opinions are personal and my very own .Does not necessarily represent my company view points.


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