Life Hacking – Great Work Hack Series #5

Today,I dedicate this blog to my colleague – Suhasini Ramakrishnan.I wouldn’t have done this without you.Thank you for everything.

I was trying to co relate a situation in life -to be precise -life hacking on goal setting and its application to a large format project with multi stakeholders & several dependencies.

The topic is Video marketing , is still too new of a marketing practice for there to be clear-cut tips that deliver results to every company – not that any marketing venture can say it produces immediate ROI, either. But a video requires an added amount of creativity, and marketers have to tap into their own minds in order to find success.

Source :

Life Hack on Goal Setting & Visualization Process : A creative video project 

I have applied visualization techniques for personal goal setting visualization but had never tried it in the corporate life.

For once last year , for a client project at hand, I genuinely set Goals -What success would look like in the mind and Visualized it like a movie..

Visualization process : Sit in a comfortable position on a chair or cross legged.Wear comfortable clothing .Focus on your breathing.Slowly your mind will start to focus and then take the situation at hand :  State the outcome loudly <A creative video project >

How the entire end-to-end engagement and each meeting ,Client and internal stakeholders react and discussion would materialize in a positive direction.How the agency would come up with a decent idea that would be accepted by the client.How the script would be developed,enacted,each stakeholder would work in harmony and what are tentative final dates  & Go live date on Youtube.

Frequency : I would focus on this intent everyday for 5 mins till goal was achieved.

But along with there are few crucial steps involved in Goal setting .They are

  • Visualize the goal
  • Test the waters
  • Share your vision
  • Focus on one area at a time
  • Keep long term or end objective in the mind
  • Use reminders
  • To Do lists everyday without fail till the task is accomplished
  • Acknowledge your success and failure
  • Appreciate & Recognise teamwork
  • Stay Flexible
  • Assess & re assess goals
  • Aim High
  • Persistently positive and active state of mind
  • Reward Yourself

Outcome : A great story board video !!!

Have you used visualization and goal setting process in life? How did you hack it ? I would be keen to hear.Drop by to comment !


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