Life Hacking – Great Work Hack Series #3

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Today’s  edition is dedicated to Social problems that contribute to the making of ” Social Entrepreneurs ” – Part 1 

Setting the Context : Life’s journey is a means to getting some where. Getting somewhere = making your dreams come true. If there is a disconnect you feel disengaged and misaligned.

Be it at work or personal life – The moment you feel that ‘something missing” or you hear a ‘tinkling voice’ in your mind you will need to address that inner calling immediately.

So what am I talking about here – we are humans and we need to connect to others.We cannot isolate ourselves from day to day problems .Life’s all about that journey  & means of learning to deal with different personalities or characters and making a difference in the society. That’s how and the very basis why tough social problems are picked up and addressed by volunteers are those – corporate employees who a part of Corporate Social  Responsibility activity or so called “Social Entrepreneurs” because they find their purpose in life, address that problem at grassroots level, and they believe that once they start their journey, the larger community will join them! And of course, they should be able to add massive value!

Slum Education system  : Usually , college graduates pass out to pursue their dream jobs or careers or dream projects as in being an entrepreneur or some land up in a non interesting 9-6 pm job ending up in a situation ( stated earlier -remember ” filth”)

And then you have one set who follow their dreams and join a social cause to transform our education system ,part by part , not in tier 2 city or villages..All of us have at some part of our lives have done it before or a few are willing to explore this phase.

I take a real example  :Teach for India campaign is a classic case .As my cousin is one amongst those working currently on this project -she explains with full passion in her eyes , over a cup of tea.

Innovation & ‘ Making a difference ‘  : They are assigned a school , an unstructured education model and their part of the learning is while trying to solve the education system problem , also need to  find new ,innovative methods of teaching the slum children ,building & aligning processes for measuring their self progress as well as the students academic performance – students report card covers overall behavioral patterns , challenges record any behavioral changes and academic progress and share the metrics to all stakeholders within ‘Teach for India’ ecosystem over a collaborative platform on how they are  ‘Making a Difference”.

I mean , here is a government public school, situated in a corner amongst the slums of Mumbai and my cousin has grown up in the plush colonies of Godrej Hillside..Never seen anything beyond safety net except going to college and meeting friends etc.

Take aways : The key essence is about being amongst the students ,their environment ,long enough to understand their problem &  feeling their pain and then living their life ,

Mind you its not a week or two but a 2 years rigorous ongoing project. So what are the qualities one builds within themselves..its not sitting in an air conditioned cabin  and googling about ‘How to solve education system”  but
2)Getting Connected
3) Working with that tribe in true essence – being one in the tribe
4) Adding massive value to the social system
5)Truely out there in the field – making a difference!

So what is it got to do with the work I do & Life hacking & that too Great work ???

….. in my next blog Part 2 I am going to co-relate to what processes or models can be hacked into our workplace from that perspective –Solving business problems by “being’ an “Intrapreneur” or as corporate co-workers & co-creators and doing Great Work!

If this blog starts lighting a bulb in your head & fills you up with ideas , feel free to comment!

I leave you here with some thought provoking questions-

Are we satisfied with our current lifestyle ?

Are we willing to go outside our comfort zones ?

Do we recognize or are aware that we are in this phase or soon going to be so!

PS : I am really attempting to write seven blogs dedicated to Great work hacks in Life!
Credits : Shruti Murali , Akshay Cherian
Update : 03rd Jan 2014
Found some Related Articles that apply to this analogy-

Intrapreneurs: why social enterprises need them

Social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (aka corporate entrepreneurs) share similar objectives and qualities: they’re believers and battlers so they’re likely to get on.


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