Life Hacking – Great Work Hack Series #2


Hypothetically, Every app is designed to solve a problem or ironically create one ! More over the most used /downloaded productivity apps are over hyped and presumably not the best productivity apps that have brought significant changes in one’s life.There are millions of apps on the AppStore and if you notice after a while we stop using those…did you ever wonder why? Maybe assumptions are the nature of job changed or you are crunched for time!

For eg: When I was on a holiday a few weeks ago I was addicted to using my Facebook App but this time I was very clear I am using the time and energy to create something new and thats photography and videos for my blog! But that’s when i realized that my Phone was flooded with Apps that not been used for months.

And so was my Photo Gallery – almost full ..I had no choice but to sacrifice some of them..but thankfully to the functionality of syncing photos privately to your FB Photos section , i was able to clear up space for new .

The point I am trying to drive is that in life sometimes we need to de clutter our mind , our space and so it is with our Smart phone apps!

Just as we clear some old newspapers , donate our old clothes to the maid servants or books to NGO’s we need to keep revisiting the Apps on our phone to ensure they are serving you a purpose ..And smoothly adapting into your existing lifestyle 🙂

And by the way I leave you with a few tips on how to choose Productivity  Apps

Any comments , views opinions  are welcome !

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