Life hacking for personal growth : Series # 1

There are phases in our work or life , when we get into a feeling of ‘getting stuck’ and don’t know how to innovate or grow 2x of our professional role !
You either browse through your phone book to call upon someone you haven’t called for a long time and hope that he/she has a solution for you or you catch up with a colleague at work for a cup of tea…

This serves us emotionally but not helping us get ‘smart’ really..

So ..what do you do next?

In short – we keep searching for those answers that we really don’t know!
I have learnt over the period of few quarters and how to keep yourself growing and relevant -Hack someone who has already been there ,done that and is ready to share.Successful people don’t feel insecure .they share their secrets , so that they can elevate others too.

Here’s a tip that I got from someone I hacked – Visit .This website helps you to browse through tips and tricks in life and at work,habits that drive productivity and effectiveness, built over a period of time, that have eventually help people be successful.

Another example is -Fake it till you make it .Success is a mindset and begins how you train your mind and program it to drive positive or successful outcomes for yourself.
The world changes around you and no longer remains the same like it used to be. I followed some websites like they have an amazing iphone app that helps you build habits to hack your own life .


4 thoughts on “Life hacking for personal growth : Series # 1

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